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A study featuring 80,000 people by researchers at Pennsylvania State University, USA. Found that moderate alcohol consumption — especially beer — helped your body maintain good cholesterol levels.

The study found that two drinks a day for men, and one drink a day for women, makes high-density lipoproteins naturally decline slower than with teetotalers and binge drinkers. Time to consider a post-workout pint alongside your post-workout kale smoothie.

Beer was the big winner in this study. Wine has had plenty of moments in the world of health studies —  like making your brain Alzheimer’s resistant and helping you out in bed, to name a few — but the study didn’t gather enough data on wine consumption to make a wine-related claim. It did find, however, that spirits help good cholesterol last a little longer too, just not as well as beer.

Yet you might not want to wait for those studies before including a shower beer in your vitamin schedule. Mariano “Pops” Rotelli swore by a shot of whiskey a day, and he just celebrated his 107 birthday. Then there’s Mildred Bowers, who suggested that part of the reason she lived past 103 is that she drank beer. Even if further studies don’t support the same heart benefits as the study found, can’t we all use a beer or two a day anyway?